Boiler Replacement Plymouth

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That’s the last thing you need. The dreaded error message has started flashing on your boiler. Now there’s no hot water and no heating – and who knows how long until you can get the boiler fixed?
Allow us to help. At My Plumber Plymouth, we promise to get you a new replacement boiler on the wall and firing on all cylinders in as little as 24 hours. New Boiler Installation Plymouth we also supply and install boilers at incredibly low prices – with installation by My Plumber Plymouth elite installers.

New Boiler Installation Plymouth
New Boiler Installation Plymouth

My Plumber Plymouth has been installing boilers for years. It’s what we do. And when you’re good at doing something you enjoy doing it. That’s why we’ll install your boiler with a smile – that’s what you call customer service!
Our domestic and commercial boiler replacement team are approved installers for leading brands Worcester Bosch and Vaillant. We’re also expert installers for Ideal, Baxi, Glow-worm, Grant, and more.
We understand a new boiler can be an unexpected expense. This is why we provide boiler quotes to suit every budget. We also offer the latest equipment and upgrades as optional extras, so you can choose a no-frills deal if preferred.

Boiler Replacement Benefits

Why does it make sense to have a boiler replacement?

There are three main cost savings you’re going to see the minute you switch on your new boiler:

  • No more expensive repair bills
  • Huge savings on electricity and gas
  • A more efficient way to heat your home

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Q. How can I avoid low water pressure affecting a shower installation?

Common causes of inadequate water pressure include low mains water pressure and showers piped onto gravity systems or connected to combination boilers. Where lack of pressure is an issue, an orange mechanical indicator light may illuminate to highlight this.


Step one: When the shower is switched on, the indicator should change and the orange light should go off. If this doesn’t happen, there may be a fault with the mains water supply.

Step two: Remove the shower head and block the water flow from the hose with a thumb or finger on cold power setting. If this gradually gets the indicator to lift then it’s the low pressure that’s the issue, and the mains supply is most likely operating correctly.

Step three: If the mechanical indicator is lifting then there is still a bit pressure there. However, it may not be enough to provide maximum flow to the shower. This could be due to having poor water pressure, or signpost that an inlying valve is only partially open. It may also suggest that you need to make sure the stop tap at the point of water coming into the property is fully open too, so there are no blockages or restrictions at all.

If this appears to be the issue, having ensured all valves are fully open the indicator should lift easily and overcome the safety interlocks. Heat should then be provided by the shower’s internal element and the shower can be used accordingly.

Step four: If the mechanical indicator doesn’t rise, then this would suggest the shower has been fitted on a gravity system or it could be joined to a combined heat system. If the showerhead is producing nothing but hot water, even on the cold setting, this clearly indicates this is the case. The easiest way to check is to feel the incoming connection pipe. If that’s hot, then you’re supplying the shower with hot water, which needs further investigation.

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Plumbing Plymouth – How to

Our expert plumbers have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as water tanks, dealing with a leak, copper piping, and pipe sizing, dishwashers, toilet and washing machine installations, soil pipes, shower advice, dripping taps, and much more.

Question. my boiler keeps losing pressure and needs filling from the loop every day, even though there are no sign of leaks under the floors or from the boiler overflow outlet

Answer. If you have no signs of a leak and you’re losing pressure, your pressure relief valve is probably letting by, this is a safety valve which allows water to escape outside safely if the central heating pressure becomes too high, it will normally be a 15mm copper pipe going through the wall outside it will just be kicked back on itself. if you know where this is or can trace the pipe to outside if the wall is wet or has an orange-like stain or you can see it dripping that is most probably you’re the problem, all so when you refill the system you should vent the radiators just in case there any air in the system.
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Bathroom Plumbing Issues

If you have water coming through the ceiling just after using the bath, you’re not the only one as this is the most called for an emergency plumber, when it comes to bath problems. In most cases, when the emergency plumber arrives, it is not such an emergency plumbing issue, however, the occupant would like to use the bath again ASAP. In most cases, the water is coming out of the waste fitting due to the trap being loose and may only just need a tighten up, curing any immediate reasons to call an emergency plumber out. In the long run, it is always good to try and get the waste looked at as to why this happened in the first place.

The silicone around the bath goes mouldy straight away, is there any way to stop this

There are a few reasons why the silicone goes moldy. One of the mains reasons is because the silicone is cheap, but the second most common reason is, that the silicone is not cleaned correctly or enough, it is most likely that the silicone is not the problem for the silicon going moldy, it is the soap that is used that causes the silicone to go moldy. Here is a good article to read about splitting silicone.

When the bath gets to the overflow point, the bath leaks, have I got overflow problems

If your bath overflows when filling the bath above the overflow, then it is most likely that the overflow has not been correctly fitted. If there is an overflowing situation, the overflow should never leak water. Having the overflow in use is a very common situation where the bath should never leak. To cure this, the overflow has to come apart, then fully cleaned and re-silicone. The best silicone to use is a silicone that can set underwater.

When I fill my bath up and the plug is plugged in, the bath empties slowly, why is this

The reason the bath empties is either the plug is not sitting correctly due to be the incorrect plug or the seal between the bath fitting and the bath has not got a good seal. To cure this you will need to take the bath waste apart and re-seal.

The chain on the bath has broken again, what is the best chain to prevent this

Most chains that you buy from the DIY store are cheap to buy, but also very easy to break, especially if you’re heavy-handed. The best bath chain to buy would be a heavy-duty chain, which you can buy online or at some really good DIY plumbing stores.

When I drain the bath, the water takes a long time to go down, what do I need to do

If your draining the bath and the water takes to long to go do then the most like reason to this is because the waste at the plug socket is full of hair. There are other reasons, however, because we are talking about bath problems and cures we are going to keep it bath related. In some cases, your work involves getting dirty and your waste doesn’t drain down too well, the problem may be down to your waste. It is an idea to check that the waste has the correct full and a minimum of 1 and a 1/2 inches in size. It may be an idea to use a sink unblocked called buster. There are other better products that are very strong such as One Shot, however, the instruction must be followed due to the dangers involved.

When the bath is filled up, a gap appears between the silicone and the bath, why

If you find that once the bath is full and there is a gap between the bath and the tile getting too large with the silicone appearing to split, then this is because the bath has not been put incorrectly. The chances are, you’re not going to be able to put this right without taking out the bath completely. To fix these bath problems, you may need supporting wood to drill into the wall, well the bath is propped up as much as possible. The wood that is being placed under the bath rims, is what the bath will be supported on. Once this has been done then it is best to try and adjust the legs under the bath as much as possible.

My bath is discoloring, what do I need to clean this

If you find that you have a very dirty bath and unable to get this off, then try using baking soda, you may be very surprised.

I have a rust spot on my metal bath, can this be cured

If you have a rust spot on the bath, this is such a hard and timely job that you better just calling for a bath doctor, the bath doctor will take the rust out by grinding it away and then re-painting the bath. In some cases, with this type of bath problem, if you have too much rust, then this will be unable to be cured and the bath will have to be replaced.

The taps on my bath are loose, what is the best way to cure this

There are a couple of ways to solve this. The first way would be to do the job correctly by tightening the nuts from underneath. The nonprofessional way and away a plumber should not resort to is super glue the taps to the bath. To super glue the taps will work, however, it becomes so permanent that the taps may not be able to be replaced in the future.

What is the best way to fit a bath to save any future repairs

Never fit taps in such a place that any repaired or replacement required is not accessible. Make sure there is full support surround the bath and that there is no give at all when the bath has been filled up of water. Make sure the correct silicone has been used when fitting the bath waste kit and also sealing around the bath to make sure the bath is waterproof between the tile and bath. Always screw legs to the floor so there is no movement. Follow all bath instructions.

When siliconing the bath, is it best to fill the bath of water and what is the best silicone to use

To solve some of the bath problems when it comes to silicone, the best silicone when it comes to fitting is to use the fully waterproof silicone and when siliconing around the bath, then read up on the article ‘what is the best silicone to buy‘.

I have water leaking from my taps, can I fix this myself or is this a job for an emergency plumber

Fixing a leak that is passing through the taps, should be fairly easy for a DIY Plumber, to replace the taps are a little hard, however, this can also be done by a DIY plumber, but is more effective if a professional plumber, due to the tools that a reliable plumber would carry. Some time on some taps it may feel impossible to replace the tap heads, however, there are special tools that can undo them, without much effort, but also protecting your taps from any damage also.

My bath trap is loose, do I need a replacement

Bath traps are commonly fitting incorrectly crossing the threads to go on them, for this reason, it is always best to replace the trap with another shallow trap, however, if this is not the case, then an easy fix may sort your baths problems at this stage.

I can’t fit my bath trap under the bath, is there any way to get around this without taking the bath out

If you’re unable to fit a bath trap due to the height of the bath, then the only way you’re going to be able to do this without taking the bath out is going to be an angle woodcutter, which may be an awkward job, but with persistence, this can be achieved.

When I tighten the bath taps to the bath, the washer doesn’t sit correctly

It is very common that the bath taps and their washer don’t sit correctly and are a pain to fit and the reason for this is because the holes in the bath are too large. The holes being too large seems to be a common practice with most baths these days with not enough thought going in them. As long as the baths are going at the cheap prices that they are being sold for, there will not much room for improvement.

How do I stop my plug from getting blocked up

To stop your plug from getting blocked up with hair, all you need is a plugged filter.

Is it a good idea to buy a pop-up waste in my bath

Having a press pop up waste is a great idea, as long as they are fitted correctly and are of good quality. There is also the manual turn pop up waste, which are fairly common but again, always make sure they are fitted correctly.

If I take my single taps out, can these be replaced with a mixer shower tap

If you’re looking to replace your single taps with a mixer tap that may have a shower hose attached to it, as long as the holes have been cut to BS standard, then there is no reason why you can buy an old mixer tap to replace the single taps.

When my bath empties, the water doesn’t fully run away, why is this

If the bath doesn’t empty leaving a puddle at the bottom, there are 3-ways we can look at this scenario, if the bath is not fully draining away, this could be because it is partially blocked and requires pressure to drain. If the water does fully drain except for the water that can’t due to a gravity slop issue, then this may be due to the levelness of the bath or even that the bath has been a bad mold. To check that the bath has a bad mold, then what you need to do is to use a level on the bath rim.

The bath panel keeps coming away from the bath, is there a way to stop this

If you’re having bath problems with you bath panel, then make sure it is fit for purpose. Due to there being that many bath panels out in the market, then there is no exact information you will be able to find however read the instruction or get plumbing advice of a plumber.

Why is my bath coming away from the wall and how do I make this secure

If your bath is coming away from the wall, this is because it is most likely incorrectly fitted with no bath brackets, causing you bath problems. To solve this, you will require bath brackets in the shape of an L, so that you can screw the bracket to the bath and also to the wall. You may be able to secure the bath by using wood as an alternative.

When replacing the bath, can the bath be replaced without breaking the tiles

If you have no support under the rim of the bath, and the brackets are easy to cut away, there is no reason why you can undo the legs under the bath, unless the bath has been highly silicone to the wall, to secure the bath. In most cases, if the bath has been well fitted, then there is no way that you will be able to take the bath out without taking the bottom row of tile off the wall.

I need to replace my mixer tap but it located at the back at the middle, is there a way of replacing this without taking the bath out

Having your taps in a location where your unable to get to it, when in need of a repair or replacement is possibly one of the worse scenarios when it comes to repairing the faulty bath taps. However, you may be able to get to the bath by a joining room from behind the bath if you’re very lucky. There should always be aware when fitting taps in the middle of the bath in an area that you’re unable to get to them. If you have bath problems and you’re looking for an emergency plumber or just looking for some plumbing advice, then please give us a call My Plumber Plymouth.

Boiler Service Plymouth

Boiler service My Plumber Plymouth – What a service from us may consist of

For combi boilers, heat only boilers, or system boilers;

  1. Clean any magnetic filters on the system, drop and clean the condense trap, clean  any debris on the burner rail or in the combustion case
  2. Test any safety devices including flame failure devices, high limit stats, APS
  3. Conduct a flue gas analysis of the products of combustion
combustion, Boiler Service, Boiler service Plymouth,
  • Look for and if possible repair any leaks that may have occurred in the boiler
  • Clean electrical connections, vent tubes with compressed air
  • Clean spark electrodes, flame rectification sensors
  • Apply fan lubrication to boiler fan if needed
  • Check fan pressure
  • Clean flue ways/terminal if required
  • Perform gas valve checks
  • Test expansion vessel for correct pre-charge
  • Calculate working Po at P1 point and heat input
  • Perform safety device checks

For back boilers and fires;

  • Remove the fire, combustion cover, lint arrester and heat exchanger protection plates
  • Vacuum, brush and clean all debris throughout the appliance and heat exchanger
  • Check pipes in voids are covered, annular space is sealed, sand and cement and fire cement are good condition.
  • Check flue connection to the boiler is good and visually good
  • Check safety devices are working and closing the gas valve within 60 secs
  • Check thermocouple and spark electrode for wear and tear
  • After 10 mins insert a smoke bomb and check the integrity of the flue
  • Check burner Po on the gas valve and heat input
  • Replace the fire after cleaning radiant’s and burner
  • Perform a spillage test in line with manufacturers instruction
  • Conduct a flue gas analysis of the products of combustion if needed.

*Remember a back boiler needs fresh air to allow safe combustion; this will be in the form of an air vent in the same room as the boiler. If this vent is blocked with newspaper or covered over, there is a chance of poor combustion and potential CO poisoning if the flue does not pull. 

For open flue appliances

  • Remove cover/combustion cover, lint arrester and heat exchanger protection plates
  • Vacuum, brush and clean all debris throughout the appliance and heat exchanger
  • Check pipes, sand/cement, and fire cement are good conditions.
  • Check flue connection to the boiler is good and visually good
  • Check draft diverter is in good condition
  • Check safety devices are working and closing the gas valve within 60 secs
  • Check thermocouple and spark electrode for wear and tear
  • After 10 mins insert a smoke bomb and check the integrity of the flue
  • Check burner Po on the gas valve and heat input
  • Perform a spillage test in line with manufacturers instruction
  • Conduct a flue gas analysis of the products of combustion if needed.

*Remember open flued appliances need fresh air to allow safe combustion; this will be in the form of an air vent in the same room as the boiler. If this vent is blocked with newspaper or covered over, there is a chance of poor combustion and potential CO poising if the flue does not pull. Above is an outline only. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions in line with current building and gas safe regulations when servicing any gas appliance. We also attend manufacturers’ training days to take advantage of the procedures that their engineers may use.

For fuel effect fires we require the instructions in order to replace coals in such a way that will not affect the combustion of the appliance.

  Boiler service Plymouth – Most boiler manufacturers including Vaillant and Worcester will offer 3 to 7-year warranty on newly installed boilers on the condition that the boiler is serviced every year by a gas safe registered engineer or business like us. Also a faulty boiler with worn seals/gaskets or a gas valve out of calibration can be extremely dangerous, increasing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s, therefore, best to get your boiler serviced every year to make sure it’s working safely and within its specification. Small leaks that are nipped in the bud early may prevent bigger problems further down the line. If you have a magnetic filter on the system such as a Magna clean unit then annual cleaning is essential and protects the boiler throughout the year. Back boilers such as the Baxi Bermuda 551 are a potential death trap if not fully stripped and cleaned every year. The flues of these appliances need to be able to remove the products of combustion allowing a safe environment to live in.

Boiler service My Plumber Plymouth – What to expect

Depending on the appliance installed in your property, all care and consideration will be taken to respect and protect carpets and floors. We only ask for payment once the service is complete and you feel happy with the result. Payment can be taken via cheque, cash, or by an online bank transfer. Receipts will be issued upon request.

Boiler service Plymouth – How long does a Boiler service take?

Combination boilers, heat only boilers, and system boilers will take around 45 minutes. Gas fires also around 45 minutes. Back boilers can take up to 1.5 hours due to the nature of the appliance. See the bottom of this page to identify your boiler.

Most common boilers in UK homes needing annual servicing

WORCESTER; Worcester 24 I Junior, Worcester 24 I Junior, Worcester 28 I Junior, Worcester 28 I Junior, Worcester 25 SI , Worcester 29CDI Classic, Worcester 30CDI,  Worcester CDI Compact Worcester 24/28 RSF, Worcester 24/28, 230 series, 230 240 series, 240 BF 240, 240 RSF 280 series, 280 RSF, 350 series, 350 RSF, Highflow 400 series, Highflow 400 BF, Highflow 400 RSF, Greenstar series – Greenstar 40CDi, Greenstar 35CDi, Greenstar 30CDi, Greenstar 25CDi, Greenstar 42CDi, Greenstar 37CDi, Greenstar 30CDi, Greenstar 27CDi, Greenstar 30 HE, Combi Greenstar 25 HE, Combi Greenstar 40 HE, Plus Combi, Greenstar 35 HE, Plus Combi, Greenstar 30 HE, Plus Combi , Greenstar 30 & 40CDi Classic, Regular –  Greenstar 28 HE, System Greenstar 29 HE, Conventional  Greenstar 40 HE Conventional, Greenstar Highflow 440, Greenstar 40CDi Regular Greenstar 30CDi Regular Greenstar 30CDi System i series, 80ic 80ic 24i 28i Si series -Greenstar 25Si, Greenstar 30Si 24Si II 25Si 28Si 28, Si II i Junior series Greenstar 24 & 28i Junior, Greenstar i System 12, 15, 18 & 24 Greenstar Ri 12, 15, 18 & 24 24i Junior RSF, 28i Junior RSF CDi series – 24CDi BF 24CDi OF 24CDi RSF 26CDi Xtra RSF 28CDi RSF 35CDi 35CDi II RSF CBi series14/19 CBi 19/24 CBi 9/14 CBi SBi series15SBi RSF 24SBi RSF Highflow 400 Electronic series Highflow 400 Electronic BF Boiler service Bristol –  Highflow 400 Electronic Highflow 400 Electronic RSF   VAILLANT; Vaillant eco Tec pro 24, Vaillant eco Tec pro 28, Vaillant eco Tec plus 831 / 837, Vaillant Ecomax pro 18E/ 28e, Turbomax rangeeco Tec exclusive, eco Tec plus 600 range, eco Tec  plus 400 range/,   IDEAL; Ideal vogue, Ideal independents, ideal mexico, ideal icos, ideal isar, ideal logic, ideal logic +, ideal classic, ideal compact , ideal elan, ideal elise, ideaql esprit, ideal europa, ideal evo, excel, ideal henrad, ideal mini, ideal minimisar, Boiler service Bristol – ideal optia, ideal  response, ideal sprint, ideal  systemiser, ideal  turbo2-24, ideal wickes   BAXI; baxi Duo- tec. Baxi neta-tec, Baxi Avanta, Baxi Bermuda 551 back boilers   VIESSMANN;, Vitodens 100-W Vitodens 100-W Open vent Vitodens 100-W P25/P29 Vitodens 200-W Vitodens 111-W, Vitodens 242-F   GLOW WORM; Ultracom2 cxi, Ultracom2 35 store, Flexicom cx, Betacom2, Ultimate c, Easicom, Ultracom hxi, Flexicom hx, Ultimate h, System Boiler, Ultracom2 sxi, Flexicom sx, Ultimate s

How to identify what type of boiler you have at home

Combi boiler or combination boiler How to identify a combi boiler?

  • There will be no copper cylinder in your airing cupboard
  • There will be no headers tanks in the loft or cupboards of loft conversions
  • There will just be a single white boiler hung on a wall
  • For bigger properties, it may be floor-standing
  • There will be six copper pipes coming from or rising up from the boiler

System boiler This type of boiler works alongside a hot water cylinder. When we install these we typically seal the system turning the cylinder into an unvented cylinder and the system pressurized to 1.1 bar cold. The boiler contains an expansion vessel for the heating, a pump and safety controls. Using a programmer you can preheat the cylinder to provide hot water or run the pump to provide space heating around your home.     How to identify a system boiler?

  • There will normally be no header tanks in the loft or cupboards of loft conversions
  • There will be a cylinder in an airing cupboard
  • Above the cylinder, there will normally be an expansion vessel ( normally red)
  • There will also be a white boiler on a wall
  • You will have to program in or click on before hot water can be used
  • There will be five copper pipes coming from or rising up from the boiler

Open vent boilers including back boilers


This is the traditional system that we find in older properties. They two work alongside a copper cylinder to provide stored hot water to the property. As this system is not sealed and has open vents, tanks will be in the attic, one small called the f and e tank or feed and expansion tank, and one big called the cwsc, or cold water storage cistern.   How to identify an open vent boiler?

  • There will normally be header tanks in the loft or cupboards of loft conversions
  • There will be a cylinder in an airing cupboard
  • There will also be a white boiler on a wall, or the boiler will be behind a fire in the living room
  • You will have to program in or click on before hot water can be used
  • There will be five copper pipes coming from or rising up from the boiler

Vaillant boiler owners who have boilers 4 – 5 years old or more….These boilers may need a graphite sealing gasket replaced around the combustion chamber. If these fail the result can damaging to the boiler. If your Vaillant boiler is listed below then call us to book in a full scope service and sealing gasket change.

Ecomax 613Ecotec Plus 630
Ecomax 613 EhEcotec Plus 637
Ecomax 613/2 EEcotec Plus 824
Ecomax 613/2E Vu 126/2-CEcotec Plus 824
Ecomax 618Ecotec Plus 831
Ecomax 618Ecotec Plus 831
Ecomax 618 EhEcotec Plus 837
Ecomax 618/2 EEcotec Plus 937
Ecomax 618/2EEcotec Pro 24
Ecomax 618/2E Vu 186/2-CEcotec Pro 28
Ecomax 622Ecotec Pro 28
Ecomax 622Vih Cl 15 S
Ecomax 622 Eh/EVu 126 E-C
Ecomax 622/2 EVu 126/2-C
Ecomax 622/2 EVu 126/3-5
Ecomax 622/2E 226/2-CVu 126/3-5 R1
Ecomax 635Vu 156/3-5
Ecomax 635 EVu 156/3-5 R1
Ecomax 635 EVu 186/3-5
Ecomax 646Vu 186/3-5 R1
Ecomax 824Vu 226/2-C
Ecomax 824Vu 246 E-C
Ecomax 824 H/PVu 246/3-5
Ecomax 824/2 EVu 246/3-5 R1
Ecomax 824/2 EVu 306/3-5
Ecomax 824/2E 246/2-CVu 306/3-5 R1
Ecomax 828Vu 356/2-C
Ecomax 828Vu 356-C
Ecomax 828 H/PVu 376/3-5 R1
Ecomax 828/2 EVu 466/4-5
Ecomax 828/2 EVu 466-7
Ecomax 828/2E 286/2-CVui 376/3-5
Ecomax 835 EVuw 246 E-C
Ecotec Exclusive 832Vuw 246/2-C
Ecotec Exclusive 838Vuw 246/3-3 R1
Ecotec Plus 415Vuw 246/3-5
Ecotec Plus 418Vuw 246/3-5 R1
Ecotec Plus 428Vuw 286 E-C
Ecotec Plus 438Vuw 286/2-C
Ecotec Plus 612Vuw 286/3-3
Ecotec Plus 612Vuw 286/3-3 R1
Ecotec Plus 615Vuw 316/3-5
Ecotec Plus 615Vuw 316/3-5 R1
Ecotec Plus 618Vuw 326/4-E
Ecotec Plus 618Vuw 356-C
Ecotec Plus 624Vuw 376/3-5 R1
Ecotec Plus 624Vuw 386/4-E
Ecotec Plus 630