Bathroom Plumbing Issues

If you have water coming through the ceiling just after using the bath, you’re not the only one as this is the most called for an emergency plumber, when it comes to bath problems. In most cases, when the emergency plumber arrives, it is not such an emergency plumbing issue, however, the occupant would like to use the bath again ASAP. In most cases, the water is coming out of the waste fitting due to the trap being loose and may only just need a tighten up, curing any immediate reasons to call an emergency plumber out. In the long run, it is always good to try and get the waste looked at as to why this happened in the first place.

The silicone around the bath goes mouldy straight away, is there any way to stop this

There are a few reasons why the silicone goes moldy. One of the mains reasons is because the silicone is cheap, but the second most common reason is, that the silicone is not cleaned correctly or enough, it is most likely that the silicone is not the problem for the silicon going moldy, it is the soap that is used that causes the silicone to go moldy. Here is a good article to read about splitting silicone.

When the bath gets to the overflow point, the bath leaks, have I got overflow problems

If your bath overflows when filling the bath above the overflow, then it is most likely that the overflow has not been correctly fitted. If there is an overflowing situation, the overflow should never leak water. Having the overflow in use is a very common situation where the bath should never leak. To cure this, the overflow has to come apart, then fully cleaned and re-silicone. The best silicone to use is a silicone that can set underwater.

When I fill my bath up and the plug is plugged in, the bath empties slowly, why is this

The reason the bath empties is either the plug is not sitting correctly due to be the incorrect plug or the seal between the bath fitting and the bath has not got a good seal. To cure this you will need to take the bath waste apart and re-seal.

The chain on the bath has broken again, what is the best chain to prevent this

Most chains that you buy from the DIY store are cheap to buy, but also very easy to break, especially if you’re heavy-handed. The best bath chain to buy would be a heavy-duty chain, which you can buy online or at some really good DIY plumbing stores.

When I drain the bath, the water takes a long time to go down, what do I need to do

If your draining the bath and the water takes to long to go do then the most like reason to this is because the waste at the plug socket is full of hair. There are other reasons, however, because we are talking about bath problems and cures we are going to keep it bath related. In some cases, your work involves getting dirty and your waste doesn’t drain down too well, the problem may be down to your waste. It is an idea to check that the waste has the correct full and a minimum of 1 and a 1/2 inches in size. It may be an idea to use a sink unblocked called buster. There are other better products that are very strong such as One Shot, however, the instruction must be followed due to the dangers involved.

When the bath is filled up, a gap appears between the silicone and the bath, why

If you find that once the bath is full and there is a gap between the bath and the tile getting too large with the silicone appearing to split, then this is because the bath has not been put incorrectly. The chances are, you’re not going to be able to put this right without taking out the bath completely. To fix these bath problems, you may need supporting wood to drill into the wall, well the bath is propped up as much as possible. The wood that is being placed under the bath rims, is what the bath will be supported on. Once this has been done then it is best to try and adjust the legs under the bath as much as possible.

My bath is discoloring, what do I need to clean this

If you find that you have a very dirty bath and unable to get this off, then try using baking soda, you may be very surprised.

I have a rust spot on my metal bath, can this be cured

If you have a rust spot on the bath, this is such a hard and timely job that you better just calling for a bath doctor, the bath doctor will take the rust out by grinding it away and then re-painting the bath. In some cases, with this type of bath problem, if you have too much rust, then this will be unable to be cured and the bath will have to be replaced.

The taps on my bath are loose, what is the best way to cure this

There are a couple of ways to solve this. The first way would be to do the job correctly by tightening the nuts from underneath. The nonprofessional way and away a plumber should not resort to is super glue the taps to the bath. To super glue the taps will work, however, it becomes so permanent that the taps may not be able to be replaced in the future.

What is the best way to fit a bath to save any future repairs

Never fit taps in such a place that any repaired or replacement required is not accessible. Make sure there is full support surround the bath and that there is no give at all when the bath has been filled up of water. Make sure the correct silicone has been used when fitting the bath waste kit and also sealing around the bath to make sure the bath is waterproof between the tile and bath. Always screw legs to the floor so there is no movement. Follow all bath instructions.

When siliconing the bath, is it best to fill the bath of water and what is the best silicone to use

To solve some of the bath problems when it comes to silicone, the best silicone when it comes to fitting is to use the fully waterproof silicone and when siliconing around the bath, then read up on the article ‘what is the best silicone to buy‘.

I have water leaking from my taps, can I fix this myself or is this a job for an emergency plumber

Fixing a leak that is passing through the taps, should be fairly easy for a DIY Plumber, to replace the taps are a little hard, however, this can also be done by a DIY plumber, but is more effective if a professional plumber, due to the tools that a reliable plumber would carry. Some time on some taps it may feel impossible to replace the tap heads, however, there are special tools that can undo them, without much effort, but also protecting your taps from any damage also.

My bath trap is loose, do I need a replacement

Bath traps are commonly fitting incorrectly crossing the threads to go on them, for this reason, it is always best to replace the trap with another shallow trap, however, if this is not the case, then an easy fix may sort your baths problems at this stage.

I can’t fit my bath trap under the bath, is there any way to get around this without taking the bath out

If you’re unable to fit a bath trap due to the height of the bath, then the only way you’re going to be able to do this without taking the bath out is going to be an angle woodcutter, which may be an awkward job, but with persistence, this can be achieved.

When I tighten the bath taps to the bath, the washer doesn’t sit correctly

It is very common that the bath taps and their washer don’t sit correctly and are a pain to fit and the reason for this is because the holes in the bath are too large. The holes being too large seems to be a common practice with most baths these days with not enough thought going in them. As long as the baths are going at the cheap prices that they are being sold for, there will not much room for improvement.

How do I stop my plug from getting blocked up

To stop your plug from getting blocked up with hair, all you need is a plugged filter.

Is it a good idea to buy a pop-up waste in my bath

Having a press pop up waste is a great idea, as long as they are fitted correctly and are of good quality. There is also the manual turn pop up waste, which are fairly common but again, always make sure they are fitted correctly.

If I take my single taps out, can these be replaced with a mixer shower tap

If you’re looking to replace your single taps with a mixer tap that may have a shower hose attached to it, as long as the holes have been cut to BS standard, then there is no reason why you can buy an old mixer tap to replace the single taps.

When my bath empties, the water doesn’t fully run away, why is this

If the bath doesn’t empty leaving a puddle at the bottom, there are 3-ways we can look at this scenario, if the bath is not fully draining away, this could be because it is partially blocked and requires pressure to drain. If the water does fully drain except for the water that can’t due to a gravity slop issue, then this may be due to the levelness of the bath or even that the bath has been a bad mold. To check that the bath has a bad mold, then what you need to do is to use a level on the bath rim.

The bath panel keeps coming away from the bath, is there a way to stop this

If you’re having bath problems with you bath panel, then make sure it is fit for purpose. Due to there being that many bath panels out in the market, then there is no exact information you will be able to find however read the instruction or get plumbing advice of a plumber.

Why is my bath coming away from the wall and how do I make this secure

If your bath is coming away from the wall, this is because it is most likely incorrectly fitted with no bath brackets, causing you bath problems. To solve this, you will require bath brackets in the shape of an L, so that you can screw the bracket to the bath and also to the wall. You may be able to secure the bath by using wood as an alternative.

When replacing the bath, can the bath be replaced without breaking the tiles

If you have no support under the rim of the bath, and the brackets are easy to cut away, there is no reason why you can undo the legs under the bath, unless the bath has been highly silicone to the wall, to secure the bath. In most cases, if the bath has been well fitted, then there is no way that you will be able to take the bath out without taking the bottom row of tile off the wall.

I need to replace my mixer tap but it located at the back at the middle, is there a way of replacing this without taking the bath out

Having your taps in a location where your unable to get to it, when in need of a repair or replacement is possibly one of the worse scenarios when it comes to repairing the faulty bath taps. However, you may be able to get to the bath by a joining room from behind the bath if you’re very lucky. There should always be aware when fitting taps in the middle of the bath in an area that you’re unable to get to them. If you have bath problems and you’re looking for an emergency plumber or just looking for some plumbing advice, then please give us a call My Plumber Plymouth.